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New Year, New Start, for all!

It's that time of year, everyone is vowing to live better! Resolutions always include the predictable "lose weight, eat right" promise. Weight loss physicians also have a new start this time of year as we welcome many new clients into our practices. Often they include friends or family of clients that have been wanting to see what your practice can do for them.

Think of promoting with something new, such as a new addition to an already promising practice like new memberships for your faithful clients. I loved adding a membership to my practice that, for a small monthly amount, these clients could schedule unlimited free "weigh-in" appointments and gain access to certain support services like one counseling session per month. It was perfect for clients that were completing their standardized diet regimen, but were terrified of regaining the weight. They wanted some sort of accountability, but no longer needed a regular program. It's a simple idea, but so well needed...and it keeps your clients close by in case they start to slip! You can restart them on a regimen quickly without the risk of them regaining their weight back before they call you.

Happy 2017! Here's to a fit future for your patients, and your practice!

How do I price my weight loss programs?

dollar-signPricing is tough. I have two pieces of advice.

1- price out your market area. Have a staff member, or yourself, call different practices in your city/town, and ask for pricing and particularly what is included and not included in this price. This will give you a bench mark of where your competitors are. I found that including MORE in services for a similar or slightly higher price works well.

2- Price on the higher end, but start out running a fabulous Grand Opening promotion. This will help you lure people in and establish clientele at a reasonable price, and will also give you an idea of how affordable people think it is. If the sale price seems like a stretch, you can keep the promotion running. If it's an easy sale, you can end the promotion and then reinstate it during times when business is slow.