Seminar Information

Most HCG courses simply provide a deeper discussion into Simeons' Protocol. This course will start with a Simeons' discussion, as he was the father of the HCG method. However, further discussion of biochemistry, mechanism, medical indications/contraindications and precautions will be covered. Then a discussion of diet method, patient management, scheduling, troubleshooting, business considerations, medical board & FDA considerations, and other valuable topics will be discussed. The seminar is then concluded with clinical discussion, Q&A, and pharmacy considerations.

See below for the detailed itinerary:

Dr. Emma's Final Seminar

June 9th, (9am-3pm)

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ

9:00 Introduction

9:15 History of HCG treatment, review of Simeons' Protocol

10:00 Biochemistry: HCG the molecule, "What does it do??"

11:00 What we know now: Research developments

11:30 Federal regulations, State Medical Boards, and your practice: doing things the "right way"

12:00 Break

1:00 Clinical application: applying HCG to your practice - Who, What, When, How, and Why? Everything you need to know for a smooth program from training staff, to managing clientele.

2:00 Case Studies & Q & A: In depth discussion of patient management

3:00 Distribution of materials for your practice and brief discussion on implementing what is included in your CD:

  • Intake forms and questionnaires
  • Consent forms
  • H&P, follow-up forms
  • PDF files of diet guides and food diaries for your practice (may be customized)
  • Training manual
  • HCG Proficiency Test (may be used for staff training)
  • Certificate of Seminar Completion

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